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  1. www.tradersaudio.com is what I use when I decide to turn it on. It doesnt help me trade but its fun to be close to the pit action.

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  2. I think when your signature has more, umm "information" I guess you would call it, then what your actual post is, it is probably time to cut it down a bit. It is probably just annoying people more than anything.
  3. Tradersaudio.com definately.
    Ben is a really nice and friendly guy.

    Sometimes the mini leads, sometimes the pit leads.
    Yesterday a while after the FOMC accouncement was released the bid/ask in the pit was 7.5 bid offered at 8 even. There were a 100 contracts paper offered at 8 even.
    Mini was 7.50 at 7.75, locals took the 8 evens in the pit and the mini followed.

    I like to hear who's buying or selling. Some people say the squawk is completely useless, I strongly disagree.
    There are times when 1 of the top 10 locals starts pushing the big contract lower, the minis just follow. You can't get that info just from looking at the minis.

  4. I personally found no use in any form of squawk box. If anything, I found it distracting.
  5. Ben's on S&P 500 Pit Broadcast #1. There's a 3 day free trial. It takes a little while to get used to his lingos and market dynamics but it gives me that little tiny bit of edge at least a couple of times a week so that I can squeeze out more profit than had I not used it. Also the background noise can tell a lot about the market condition.
  6. Very true!
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