SQNM: suspicious call buying today

Discussion in 'Options' started by wilburbear, Nov 24, 2009.

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    Thanks for the heads up wilburbear.

    What's the significance of the Motley Fool article that you cited?
  2. some guy says the company is worth billions - not its current 200 million - this was yesterday, and it had no action on this. Now it pops 25%. goldman, or whoever, can say they merely bought on this analyst's opinion - but NOTHING HAPPENED right after this news was released. the news is a manufactured device to load up on long term calls
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    Should be interesting to see if any news is released in the next 27 hours.
  4. here we go again. stock just rallied 10% in about 10 minutes from 3.85 level. clearly percolating. an announcement this weekend, will yield a fine list of felons........
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    6 month chart looks like funny business...no thanks
    opening gap today is bearish also. look at it on a 5 day-intraday chart.
  6. how much did you short on the open?
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    interesting trading activity today as well.

    Maybe an announcement before Monday's open?
  8. SQNM up over 10% today.

    When it runs, forget about taking your time to buy calls. A call with a THVL of, say, 35 cents goes from a market of .10 - .60, to .10 - 5.00!

    Saw it twice this morning.
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