SQL Server Vs. Interbase for database

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  1. I'm thinking which is the best for time series data analysis and management..

    choice of language = C# + SQL server or Delphi + Interbase, or Delphi + SQL server.

    any thoughts on Blackfish SQL?

    also, do you prefer stand alone db server or embedded?

  2. MySQL its blazing fast, free, and light weight compared to most commercial db's on the market today. Unless you need advance tools like in memory, complex data types etc.. there really is no reason not to look at MySQL.

    If your looking for something commercial grade for serious time series analytics you should probably look at KDB, TimesTen, or streambase.

    A while back when I was looking at the embedded db space to run Monte Carlo simulations the Netezza looked very promising it consisted of a host controller running a SPU. The SPU is a query processing node that consists of a disk drive and a special-purpose computer for accelerating record management and analysis. Information stored in an NPS
    system is distributed across many SPUs, so that
    queries can be processed faster in a Massively
    Parallel Processing environment. Their solution isnt cheap. checkout http://www.netezza.com
  3. I'll take a look at it..

    i know KDB but u got any idea on their pricing? or FAME?

    streambase is too expensive..

    thanks for the info..

    just to add, I'm lookin at something managable to implement individually..
  4. No just contact their sales people directly - info@kx.com