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  1. Has anyone noticed that there has been a huge surge in data-mining cookies and spyware on ET in just the past days?

    I rarely came across spyware whenever I used Ad-Aware 6.0, but just in the past few days it seems like the ET site has enabled a ton of it!

    Anyone else notice this?
  2. No I have not noticed this, but since you mention it, I will run Ad-aware 6.181 right now and see if it catches anything. If you don't have ad-aware, GET IT!!! www.lavasoft.de

    Spybot S&D also a good program!
  3. YES!
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    I bought some spyware protection. It is awesome. My daughters have found a website that automatically puts spyware on our PC. I forgot the name but I will bring it tomorrow.
  5. The internet has gone completely hostile. It takes less than an hour at my site for a hacker to take over a computer and launch attacks from it. A friend of mine was installing Windows etc., and his computer was hacked before he could even install the firewall!

    I'm wondering if it's even safe to reboot a computer now, without first pulling out the network cable, then waiting for the firewall to come up before plugging it back in!
  6. the sky is falling! the sky is falling! :p
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    LMAO!!! :D

    Actually, it really is not funny, but that _is_ pretty funny.

  8. pretty naive to be running a PC direct to the internet. Have a dedicated firewall / router or dedicated PC before getting to your trading machine. Running two different OS's here, most stuff is native to one OS only.

  9. It's a joke to think that they have legislated againts spam, but it's completely legal to put software on someone else's computer without their knowledge or consent.

  10. hhmmm..

    Most of the most hideous spyware comes from java applets that drive live charts etc.

    Red Sherrif is the spyware that is most evil.

    ad-aware will remove it but itwill re surface each time you encounter a java chart laced with the hidden cookie.

    most of the spyware (trojans) I discover come from SPAM that's written in Russian or is from the former commie countries.

    which puts the thrill back into logging on to your trading account.
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