Spyware found in MB trading Sotware

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by abe, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. abe


    Everybody who has installed MB software, please check for spyware in your registry. Simply run Ad-Aware or similar to get rid of it. I didn't expect them to do such a nasty and cheap job with their own clients.

    Take care every body

  2. I run both Ad-Aware and Spybot Search and Destroy (in addition to the Spyware blocker Spywareblaster) several times each week. I have had an account with MBT for more than a year. At no time have I ever encountered any Spyware on my system. Perhaps, posting your log after running "Hijack this" software might better indicate where else you obtained the Spyware.

    - Spydertrader
  3. abe


    Here is the report. IT's name is "CommonName" and is a Data Miner.

    Take care everybody

  4. mktman


    Just checked navigator install dont have that
  5. Spyware can kinda do funky things to software, including instaling new crap with installation of new software.

    In all honesty, the absolute best thing to do for 100% safety, is to wipe out your system, re-install everything, and try as hard as you can not to get spyware on it.

    Those are probably the most extreme measures, and might not be necessary, but, depends on how protective you wish to be.
  6. MBT-Steve

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    We do not install Spyware and if you are referring to our use of VNC for "AT Your Service" it is compiled to only connect to our support representatives at the complete discretion of the client. If that is not what you are referring to then I don't know what you're alluding too. Nevertheless I assume it is a simple misunderstanding.


  7. abe


    Hi steve,

    It's 100%. Install new version and run ad-aware to find this little spy named, CommonName. I attaced already the scan result for this.

    take care

  8. MBT-Steve

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    Hi Abe,

    Please show me the log where you see CommonName being installed by MBT Navigator. There was nothing attached in this last post. Also, in the meantime, we are performing the exact same steps as you take to make our own independent determination. MBT does not install any type of "spyware" and we never would.


  9. Hey MBT-Steve... I'd like to get you on the record here. Does MB FX offer access to ibank liquidity pools? Is your service a true ECN?

    If so, would you mind listing the banks which are participants? If you can't name them, at least verify that they do indeed exist on the MBFX platform. Here would be fine and dandy.
  10. Bob111


    which one is new version? i
    few days ago i did fresh XP install on my computer and then instal MBT nav and SDK-there is no spyware in it. trust me. you pick it up somewhere else.
    ask yourself-why would MB do that? what for?
    #10     Aug 17, 2006