Spyware danger

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    Spyware danger

    Civil liberties activists often say it's dangerous for even friendly spy agencies to develop and use cyber weapons, and here's why. According to cybersecurity firm Checkpoint, recently-discovered Chinese cyber tools known as Jiang are in fact copies of U.S. weapons. And what's more, their development preceded the notorious "Shadow Brokers" leak of NSA spy tools a few years ago (an event that led to the massive WannaCry attack). Which means the NSA has repeatedly lost control of its own malware. Reuters
  2. Why surprised? When opening the door to sensitive research labs, government agencies, corporate development and clearing people who only pass clearance on very narrowly defined metrics then one should not be surprised. The entire Chinese culture for thousands of years is built on top of dishonesty, disloyalty, selfish pursuit, and stabbing all others in the back. Long before the communist regime rose. Why do you think China has gone through revolutions and uprisings for thousands of years. It has now become the epitome of thievery.

    Just being American citizen is way not enough to qualify for certain security clearances. Check whether those Americans of Chinese origin who wish to obtain security clearances have sent their own children into war. That should be the real litmus rest for anyone who wishes to serve in the most sensitive places of government yet had not at least 2 prior generations that put their roots in America.

    And we have to start discriminating more rigorously again. We need to look at the track records of ethnic groups. Has a naturalized Japanese who has become American citizen ever spied for Japan and stolen top level secrets? How many? What about Chinese? I bet the difference will be like day and night.

    And this bullshit must end to let some Chinese academic researchers in our western countries run entire research labs at universities. Sorry, but too many abuses have been recorded to just pretend this is not an issue of national security. The IP theft on an academic, governmental, and corporate level by Chinese has reached worry some proportions. At what point do we start to ask some hard questions?

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    Sorry for my english if I misunderstood.

    Are You pointing out that involving in war or sending own children to war would be good indicator whether someone should have access to sensitive information?
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    My spyware informed me that you are chinese. :D
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  5. No, but it would be a good indicator whether someone does not carry those sensitive information across the border into China. Make immigrants prove their allegiances IF they want high level security clearances. Background checks the way they were conducted so far obviously did not work.

    My claim is that there is a difference between cultures. Some cultures put a deep value on the good of the group, self sacrifice, endurance, long term growth, patience, honesty, truthfulness.

    Another group of cultures puts value on money money money, getting rich as fast as possible at the expense of others wellbeing, selfishness, care only for oneself and one's family and nobody else, being ok with being dishonest and untruthful. People who represent this group of cultures should not be easily given the keys to the kingdom unless they have proven to have rid themselves of their old culture and have truly adopted a new culture. Sending one's own child into war would be something that is unthinkable in the latter culture's context as it would mean to sacrifice one's own for the greater good.

  6. In case you did not get it, I tried to make a philosophical point. I do not think adult humans can rid themselves off their cultural heritage and values. At the same time I am absolutely convinced that Chinese culture does not exhibit traits that honor absolute loyalty to another outside party other than one's own group. It is a gross generalization and it will misjudge a few outliers. But it will accomplish the goal, which is to reduce theft of IP and top government secrets.

    We need to stop being so afraid of discrimination when said discrimination solves a stated problem. Discriminate means "to differentiate". We discriminate every single day and in almost every job application. Discrimination that is justified follows a stated goal, such as a job requirement. Countries discriminate every day in the area of immigration, for example. Western Europeans do not need a visa to enter the US, Chinese do...discrimination based on culture and country. When a certain culture rejects to fit in and only seeks its own benefit then subjects of such culture are not fit to serve in highly sensitive areas of government and corporations. It really is that simple. If we group all those who stole IP and government secrets over the past 20 years then one group stands out: Chinese. Only question is what are we gonna do about it?

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    I dont know much on chinese culture and values. But if traveling to some regions there are plenty of scammers near tourism regions. They produce almost everything , quite cheap for EU and other wealthier world. So i dont think their gov cares about their working people alot, more care for foreign investors or local capitalists probably.

    Definitely agree to that , id say orthadox judaism or amish/mennonites vs the zionism could be good example of that point.
    But... Dont you think most US wars including initial killing of indians to occupy the land, (apart from civil war etc.) are/were about colonizing the world?

    Or is US really going all around the world helping everyone with their military tech? Cui bono?

    I believe the real infiltrators are already in there, im quite certain based on the information i have worked trough as a conspiracy nut-job.
    +Seen parallels with life. Of course what happens behind curtains is less visible while watching the show.
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