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    I've never been hit by a computer virus but in the past 30 days, I 've been hit by two different spyware trojans: Antivirus Action and HDD Fix. Getting rid of this computer-sabotaging crap is annoying but doable. But the real question is, since these are nuisance programs that try to extort you into buying their "solutions" for fake problems, how do they not get shut down? They're asking for money so, unlike the typical virus-creating-and-spreading vermin, they are stationary targets. There's no way law enforcement can claim that they can't track down these spyware extortionists. Does anybody know what's going on here? Thanks.
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  4. You're better off asking such questions in the following site/forum:


    Do specify OS/broswer/protective software/whether OS is up to date, etc, etc in your post.
  5. I use a multi layer approach.

    1 Malewarebytes.
    2. Spyware Blaster
    3. Avast
    4. Advanced System Care
    5. Glary Utilities
    5. CCleaner

    I am safe, generally, on any site. Windoze has weak inherent security. Mac and Linux are good, but Mac is $$$$.
  6. They are a plethora of hackers. Don't you think this would be a great way to get your financial info? Think about it. Scams galore on the net. Anyway can pretend to be what they want to be on the net.
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    Now to actually answer the OP's question, I think it has to do with lack of interest and jurisdiction.

    First, if it is only spamware, that might not be illegal in lots of states. Second, the company could be offshore, so US law doesn't apply to them.

    So first you have to find an entity that has jurisdiction wherever the company is registered and they also has to show interest in the prosecution, if there is any law that applies to the case, what might not be the case.
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