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  1. What's up with this program?

    Their website (Webroot.com) doesn't load, you just get an error message. Try to update within the program itself and it just freezes up.

    Did they go under? I'm trying to update my in-laws' Spysweeper Program but no can do...
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    SpySweeper was purchased by Microsoft earlier this year. MSFT is making it available in beta from their download site. It has had good reviews. I'm running a copy. The beta expires (at least my copy) on 7/31.

    You can install it with or without automatic updates . It's an option available after install.
  3. Jack, I believe it was a different company.


    Their website is still unaccessible...very odd.
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  5. I just found another one that seems pretty good, its called counter spy.
  6. JackR