Spyhunter adware remover

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  1. Anyone use this before to remover adware and spyware;let me know your experience with it?
  2. I installed and used Spybot on a couple of computers. Spybot.com. Found and removed alot of stuff.

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    I have both spybot and lavasoft's ad-aware. I think spybot is a better at detecting offending programs/spyware.
  4. is it possible to retrieve information from a reformatted harddrive?
  5. Does this spyware interfere with the Free Email account that Yahoo provides?

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  6. It appears some people claim Spybot itself has spyware components and/or causes your system to malfunction. The pattern of the product reviews on CNET is suspicious, lots of rave reviews presenting Spybot as the best tool out there but also a fair amount of reviewers guarding against the hype and the problems the software causes. I haven't tried it yet but I for one know that it's useless against adware.searchcounter (see my thread on this)
  7. Have used spybot for 18 months now, never had one problem.
  8. I was told the one instance that you cannot retrieve info was when you reformatted your hard drive.

    But, check with an expert.
  9. What kind of stuff?
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