Spydertrader, question for you

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  1. Hey spyder let me ask you

    you know man to man

    WHY are you here?

    if you are a master of SCT why aren't you
    enjoying life and not being on ET 24 hr per day.

    if you are making SOME money with SCT that is not good enough

    I make more

    so why don't you for once be honest with yourself there spyder

    oh you don't have to be honest with me, I am just a pixel on your screen

    but maybe, just maybe you should be honest with yourself

  2. being able to understand huge number of things in variety of topics sounds very good doesn't it

    WRONG my friends

    it makes me so alone

    for example, if Mods (who are about to delete this) would only think to themselves

    Why am I a mod, Why am I protecting SCT

    why don't I take time to learn trading for real and never be a MOD again.

    etc etc

    I am so alone in my understanding :(
  3. lastcall


    Spyder is as bad as Jack, he does it to bolster a poor self image and inflate his ego

    If he had a winning method we would never hear or see him
  4. So let me get this straight.... you are using the PSYCHOLOGY forum to argue with someone who runs a journal in the JOURNALS forum. All this criticism is done by people who have signed up in the last week?

    Come on guys.... stop flinging shit every where on this board. The psychology forum was the last safehaven for the "sane" (ironically). Please take your dirt elsewhere. Thanks.
  5. lastcall


    Hey don't shoot the messenger..

    perhaps if the mods didn't run the Hershey journals like Germany circa 1936 it wouldn't come to this
  6. So where does this all fit as far as Trader Psychology. Why post it here? This is the only forum I subscribe to for new threads all of the rest have been infected with this crap. Take it up with Baron directly.
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    The mods protect Hershey because a few of them are stupid enough to think he will make them profitable so I'm sure Baron would side with them if he bothered to tear himself away from the paying spammers he cultivates

    And in the thread starters defense the question goes directly to the heart of psychology and how traders can delude themselves as well as others
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    Personally I think people like Spyder who idolize the Jack's and Woodie's of the world suffer from an over identification with Joseph Campbell's wise old man archetype but typically project it onto unworthy recipients as a reflection of their own unconscious repressions of low self esteem

    There's ya psychology right there Sparky
  9. Lastcall

    you are the last sane person here
  10. Spyder and Hershey

    have taken so much time from people, in some cases guys have lost up to 1 year trying to make SCT work for them

    THE ONLY guys who made SCT work are the ones that modified it to the point of no recognition

    taking people's time for a year is criminal

    its bloody criminal
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