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  1. Spyder, you stated that you had met Jack Hershey and watched him trade, I seem to remember, maybe at his home??? Correct me if im wrong.

    So tell us, does the man live in a 20,000 square foot mansion or not? Because surely, with the kinds of returns he has claimed, he must be at least a 100 millionaire by now.

    So does he?
  2. Yes, I have visited with Jack and Liz several times in the past year. I have watched the cats chase around my laser pointer. I fed the Llamas. I swam in the pool. I may have grilled steaks a time or two while visiting in their home. And yes, I've seen Jack trade.

    I never measured the square footage of a person's home. It's not something I find important it turns out. However, anyone who knew Jack when he lived in Phoenix would tell you Jack's neighborhood wasn't the type of place where refugee camps exist. Today, you'd be lucky to find a home in that area for under seven figures. I believe Jack sold that home when he chose to move to Tucson. If you need the exact story, I'm confident Jack has all the pertinent details. Although, I must admit, I find it difficult to comprehend how these details could assist your trading efforts.

    Have more character than someone who places value on the size of a house over the quality of the individual? Apparently so.

    Good trading to you.

    - Spydertrader
  3. Not asking for any trading help. Just curious if there is any evidence the guy can trade like he claims too.

    Being that he's been trading his method well over a decade now at least (seen his posts on the internet 10 years ago), and that he claims large percentage returns a month, he should be worth at least 100 million or more.

    Someone with that kind of money, at that age, tends to burn it fast since he doesnt have a ton of time left. No reason to take it to the grave ya know.

    A million dollar home isnt much these days. Guys making 50K a year are buying million dollar homes in san diego, so that doesnt tell me much.

    Since he is not in at least an 8 figure house, my confidence in his claims just went down. I guess he just likes to horde is 100 million and not spend it on anything ;-)
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    Everything else aside, the biggest flaw in your reasoning is your assumption that all wealthy people spend their money on extravagance. Does having $100mil, in your mind, mean someone is automatically purchasing eight figure dwellings and living like a Rap star? I suggest you read this book: The Millionaire Next Door. Reality exists outside of MTV Cribs. On top of that, I think it's fairly obvious that people 70+ years of age tend to value different things in life than young'uns like you.

    I leave you with this famous quote from Walter Bartoo:

  5. What does he say about those who don't need proof?
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    I play poker and Fantasy football with a cuban guy who just sold his computer biz to a bigger computer biz...it was the first time that the bigger computer biz has ever purchased another company ( this is a hint)...they had always grown from within...you would never in 100 million billion years ever have known that this fat cat is probably the fattest cat to ever cross my path...very genuine modest mo-fo..... the bigger computer biz trades on the naz ( another hint )... de pinga...
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    Way to miss the whole point of the quote. Those who don't need proof, obviously, already have it.
  8. Spydertrader have you ever met Baron??? what's he like? does he have a big house? they claim to have all these users here on ET...he must have an awesome place!!:D :D :D
  9. i got a double wide, new gravel in driveway and a 12' above ground pool, ALL bought with trading profits! :cool:
    take it from me the dream is alive
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    If that's the "obvious" point of the quote, then where is the profundity in it?
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