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  1. Spyder lets make a deal, I think you are the kind of guy that wants to help people

    I also think of myself as a teacher of sorts

    but we can't both be right, you say SCT makes shitload of money, I say it doesn't make a cent

    SO.......if you can read this post by Hershey and tell me that he is sane and explain why Jack is sane

    I will forever shut up about Jack H and SCT

  2. Tums


  3. so tell me Tums, please DO TELL

    you have no secrets Tums, you trade SCT, and your entire strategy is out in the open on ET web site

    Soooooo.............please do tell........how much a day do you make

    Jack says he does 10%...........how about you
  4. You are turning into quite the Jack Hershey/Spydertrader stalker these days. It used to be the trader28 alias guy, but you are slowly overtaking him in the obsession category.

  5. what can I say booorrnnn to be wiiillldddd

    but anyway this thread is for Spydertrader

    unless he can not face me due to his guilt
  6. You are a new poster with zero credibility and all you do is complain about him and JH. I doubt spydertrader, who has been here for years, cares to appease you in any way.

  7. read the first post of this thread

    but perhaps you are too stupid to get the point of this thread

    its not about you, its about SCT, its about lies, its about kicking noobs when they are down :mad:
  8. what about all your lies?? You have cancer, you are posting from jail, you are a very successful trader....on and on you go about stuff too. You are no better.

    Also, no one owes you squat. You signed up for ET this month and make demands like you've been here for ages. You are a newbie poster, act like one :mad:

  9. cd23


    There is nothing wrong with being ignorant. Because you are new, you are not informed.

    The reference post you began with deals with PVT and not SCT.

    They do have a common template as the model for trading. The model is for pool extraction and, as such, it does not deal in the paradigm of the CW. Get T&E by Larry Harris and circle where the template resides. Keep this in mind.

    SCT applies to commodities type markets.

    PVT applies to intruments like equities.

    You are not going to shut up and this journal will be of value by the brief interjections knowlgeable people make to assist you in you quest.

    It is not easy for a person who trades as you do to understand the pool extraction paradigm. Do not try to understand my post you referenced until you stop mixing up SCT and PVT.
  10. Jackooooo nice of you to stop by

    LOL SCT is for commodities

    and PVT is for equities

    But I could swear you said many times that SCT and PVT are FOR EVERYTHING

    make sure you let your minions know about change of plans :p :p
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