'Spydertrader' and Chat

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  1. This chap together with his leader are a pestilence.He also has a moderator who is an adherent of his methodology so escape is pretty nigh impossible on this website.He and his followers descend on chat. Like a herd of Chihuahuas they yip,yip,yip across whatever plain their master drives them.I created a room for them to inhabit but (I assume) it was promptly removed by a moderator.If it's an officially sanctioned chat session that's fine.I can go elsewhere for a day.However these people have no shame or embarrassment and descend en masse wherever they choose to without any by-your-leaves that I can find reference to?If they book a day(s) to discuss their method then that's quite reasonable,I'll go elsewhere.Alternatively,why not just create a room and get on with it?
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    I agree. We in the other room were surprized by the sudden popularity of the main room.

    Why not just make a separate room when there is a group of people who want to discuss one particular strategy???
  3. you can't recruit new members if you're preaching to the choir under your own tent
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    I wasn't there, but I heard there were over 40 people "listening in".
  5. It's about common ground and respect? Single-interest speakers can book a day (are invited to) and that's site policy.If I don't want to attend a lecture, I just go elsewhere for a day.Alternatively, the option exists to create a permanent room.Why don't you people do that?It's not as if they're hard to locate?You won't lose any interested party's by doing that?
  6. Yes, who voted "Mod/Smegma" to be SCT Cult body guard and royal bouncer?
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    Probably removed 'cause you lied. You said there were strippers in there - and there weren't any. I was very disappointed . . . :D
  8. Perhaps he was referring to furniture strippers.
  9. very little 'trader talk' goes on in main chatroom. mostly inane high-schoool locker room humor, mod bravado, and other non-trading related chit. if spy and his adherents were there they definitely raised the level of relevant dialogue. what's wrong with actually talking about trading and trading methodology? :D