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  1. Can anyone show me the website where I can get this application totally free including removing the spywear?
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    Just Google. It's from Germany.

    FWIW... just recently saw a comparo of spyware programs... they gave Spybot only a so-so rating. Their 2nd favorite choce was Microsoft AntiSpyware, which is also free.
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  4. Thanks people.
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    im starting to wonder if spybot still updates its free program. iv'e been using it for a couple years and it hasn't updated in at least a year on my pc.

    could be bugged or auto update is broken but check to see if its a current version.
  6. Well I tried to down load microsoft anti spyware but it doesn't work on my antiquated 1999 computer.
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    If your still running 1.2 or 1.3 they stopped updating it. Must uninstall older builds and install 1.4

    I run it on 10 machines at my church as well as several machines at the house and they release new definitions every month or so. Current definitions 10-14-05

    But if you really want to keep the crap from getting installed in the first place install the freeware program called spyblaster. You have to manually update every month but I never have to deal with spyware by using it.
  8. In addition to Spybot, I run Ad-Aware. Each seems to catch different stuff and both are free.
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    Thanks...didn't realize that.
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