Spybot - Any Good?

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  1. Is Spybot search and destroy any good? Also is it something you turn on to scan or does it constantly run in the background? Any other decent spyware removal programs?


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    Spybot search and destroy is definitely pretty good, I also use AVG Free Edition myself. It's better to use a combination of anti-spyware and virus software rather than just one because they all maintain different databases so that way you'll have more of a chance to catch anything nasty trying to get into your computer.
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    Courtesy of Mr Bill Gates & Co: http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/
  4. I didn't know this was available already (thought it was still beta). Anyway I currently use Windows Live Onecare (happy with it overall) but I might give this essentials a try as Onecare is being phased out...

  5. I tried to check it out and it said I was in the wrong country.
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    Before downloading from the website, change :
    Use Locale or Language: United States
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    I've used it for for sometime now, it seems to work well.

    You can "immunize" which protects constantly protects you and or you can do manual scans.
  8. ... Or he could just move to the right country.
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