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  1. virgin



    These "stock" is traded on the Amex. What's the
    market system that this stock is traded with.
    Is there a specialist like on the Nyse ?
    How fast are market orders ?
    This stock should follow very closely the move-
    ment of the S&P cash, right ?

  2. Amex has specialist system like NYSE. The SPY is sp500
    index for cash I think. it can be shorted on a downtick.
    Amex executions are not the best but with patience you
    can pick your price and bid or offer. Don't do market orders
    and don't try to daytrade it as there is no movement/range
    except in meltdown days.
  3. tymjr


    Market orders? Direct 'em to the Amex if your interested in being a virgin no longer. ;)
  4. virgin


    Well Tymjr,

    I have already lost my virginity by being raped
    by market makers !!!