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  1. See attached chart. Trend reversal 2/5 on big volume. Buy volume greater than sell volume this week, even in spite of China's news on Friday. Next week up into expiration range 1066 -1100, then the following week 1100-1150, the week following that 1123-1175.
  2. It appears to me that since the high volume selling climax volume has been waning and 5.5 days of up moves have been unable to take back 1.5 days of down moves. Looks like a dead cat bounce to me but everyone sees something different, and that's why there's a market.
  3. I am with you. The up volume is waning. I too believe more corrective action is in the works just showing the trend for the week since the reversal day.
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  5. 1100 no problem for expiration this week with todays buying volume.

    Correction on the firgures above, 1100-1050, and 1075-1023.

    My mistake.
  6. I watch the SSO because it seems to exaggerate the differences in volume. And this almost amazes me. It seems today for example was there was really small volume for a huge up day. Even though I'm inclined to think the markets will go up when good news about Greece comes out, I have doubts because of that weird sort of divergence.
  7. We are definitely in rally mode but 1100 is a magnet for expirations this week. China's markets are closed. With China's central bank scare last Friday I would wait and see. They can scare the markets then buy the equities at a discount. They have curtailed treasury buying with the possibilty of interest rate hikes by the FED. Interesting times as always in the markets.

    Walk away from the screen or operate without stops on exchange servers at your own peril....

    But yeah alot people had their rally hats on last week ...<>...
  8. spoos has a superconducting electromagnetic field at 1100.
  9. How many low volume runs have we had in the last year as well as high volume dips that have been reclaimed? In my opinion daily volume means squat for ES, a market that is moved by a few that consider it too important a market.
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    I'm sure you're mistaken about this :)
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