SPY tick data and Ninjatrader

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  1. My SPY tick data since 01/01/2010 is corrupted.

    Is there anybody running Ninjatrader who has this data, who would be willing to export it, and send it to me?

    I'm happy to exchange the SPY data for other data selected from what I have:

    I have
    - tick data (since 01/01/2010)
    --- for 50+ of the most liquid US ETFs, and
    ----for 50+ (mainly) liquid US stocks,

    - as well as 1-minute data for the above same instruments, which for most of these goes back a number of years (7 years in the longest case).

    Can anyone help? PM me if you want to have the detailed instrument list.

  2. ET151


    Check out a trading site by a guy named Big Mike. It's there in the Elite Downloads.
  3. Many thanks.

    Have you got a web link, or can you point me to the "Elite Downloads"?