SPY price error?

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  1. Why is the 1/09/09 low for SPY reported as 85.36? It clearly did not fall below 88.81 during the normal session. Any ideas?
  2. A bad "print".
    Should be eventually corrected.
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    Good question, Bull alert;
    i watch this one much, noticed this happens occasionaly & with qqqq also, moreso than others.

    Strange, it happens notably more with SPY,QQQ,than with other high vol stocks;
    GM,GE C.....................................................................................

    Interesting yahoo, prophetnet charts, daily carried the bad quote;
    prophet.net charts intraday charts, bloomberg.com intraday charts carried correct data.

    Actually have a few theories why SPY/QQQQ[and WHERE on charts] it happens;
    but prefer not to mention it a public forum.
  4. Dark pools? I'd love to hear your theory. PM me if you like.
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    Well lets put it this way, Bull alert , some traders make money in a strict sideways trend, but this type ''error'' seldom if ever helps that. Can think of several different people/groups liking it to go up or down big, including me,LOL

    Its also usually a ''thoughtful'' or planned SPY,QQQ error perhaps wih some support or resistance logic to it.

    Think i 'll leave it at that, good error catch;
    if this had happened in OCT, many may have missed it,if not watching. Common move then.

  6. I read your post about a dozen times and am sincerely trying to read between the lines. In particular the part about the planned error. If something happens that is planned, it is not an error, right?

    Perhaps market makers or dark pools executed a trade at that price to get a hugely lower print, therfore throwing off pivot points or other hi/low indicators?
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    I thought it could have something to do with the above...plus from time to time I found it useful to connect some of the prints with tops and bottoms to get the right trendline angle to use with the next move...(a little hard to explain)
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    Probably, not an accident, that SPY quote.:cool:

    But even possibly if it is an ''accident'' ??;
    my banker DAD always used to say''accidents do NOT just happen , they are are caused!!.''

    And comparing this like a proverb,
    SPY,QQQQ quotes;
    tend to be much more fair & helpful than your average new car dealer ''quote''.LOL

  9. I see that this price "error" still has not been corrected and it may be reasonable to assume the powers that be across the clearing firms and regulatory bodies are not overly interested in this. Hell, it is just the most utilized ETF to gauge the broad market we have.

    I happen to keep some spreadsheets for various purposes that utilize intraday SPY data and will ensure that this noise is filtered out.

    85.36 fits nicely in the late December support area, doesn't it?
  10. There's no question its a secret code used by all the profitable Wall St giants to communicate quickly and cheaply.

    You see the price of postage these days? This is way cheaper and faster too.
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