SPY on 12/15/06

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  1. What is going on with the spy etf this morning? The market is gapping up and it is showing that the open as of 8:50 is 142.80 while the previous days close is 143.13. That is showing a gap down of 0.33 while the S&P is gapping up 5.50 points.

  2. golden opportunity for u...arb the hell out of it.:D
  3. dividends?
  4. yeah i was thinking about the arb thing but I am just afraid that it is something that I don't know about that makes it do this

  5. Tyren


    It shows +0.57 here :

    "Pre-Market: 142.89 0.57 (0.40%)

    Last Trade: 143.12
    Trade Time: Dec 14
    Change: 0.00 (0.00%)
    Prev Close: 142.32

    Strange... Dividend ?

    Edit : ok...
  6. http://www.amex.com/etf/EtPiPrintMain.jsp?Product_Symbol=SPY&MonthVal=12

    Ex-Dividend Date----Record Date ---- Pay Date Rate---- Per Share
    12/15/06 12/19/06 01/31/07 .79265cents/share
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    XLF having a similar pricing effect.
  8. yeah it probably is the dividend