SPY Not-Easy-To-Borrow at TradeStation

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by telozo, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. telozo


    As incredible as it seems, it's real. Tryed this morning to short SPY and cannot at TradeStation. I ALMOST had enough of it.
  2. telozo


    Not just SPY, but DIA and QQQQ too. This is really annoying. Anyone else, with a different broker, experiencing the same?
  3. Um... no.

    I'm going to preface my opinion with the fact that I never trade those etf's directly. I only trade their options... but. If my broker was unable to make shares available to short on the most liquid stocks EVER I would kick them to the curb.
  4. How about buying SDS? They are the same thing. Just buy 50 lots for every 100 lots you sell the SPY short.
  5. It's *close* to the same thing... except that it's 2x leverage (something you hinted at) and, as those who have been trading these funds on a regular basis will tell you, they don't correlate 100%.
  6. telozo


    No surprise here, SDS is also on the not-easy-to-borrow list. Of course, I could juggle between SPY and SDS, but this really sucks.