SPY low on website charts wrong again

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by WaveStrider, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. Low of 2/5/09 should be 82.12, not 77.73

    Yahoo, BigCharts, StockCharts, whatever...

    Happened another time relatively recently.
  2. ==========================
    must be near a bottom.:D Not necessarily the bottom................

    ProphetNet Charts had the error also, end of day;
    not intraday:cool:
  3. lol that's funny you mentioned this. The top was wrong on those sites too back in oct '08.

    I guess they get all their data from the same source :).
  4. 82.96 quoted as the high on 2/17 on yahoo.....

    is this a premkt quote?
    what's up ?
  5. SPY, QQQQ, and any other dividend-paying stock will have a chart adjustment done after every dividend payout. What you see on Prophet and StockCharts and others is the wrong way to go about that. The way the adjustment is done literally re-writes past prices. You can see this especially on Prophet. Any previous trendlines drawn will shift over time, gap outlines will shift, etc.

    You can see this by moving the crosshair over Prophet charts. Adjusted (old) prices will show to 4 decimal places, non-adjusted (more recent) prices will show only 2.

    Only non-dividend paying stocks will show accurate price data.

    Prophet used to respond to complaints about this, and fix the problem. Since TOS took them over, that isn't the case anymore. (I'm talking about their free version. Don't know about the paid charts.)

    The only charts that seem to get it right (and leave previous prices intact) are BigCharts interactive charts. Unfortunately, these are fairly rudimentary charts, and not suitable for much in the way of annotation.