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  1. SPY jumbo (1000) does not have full option chain. I tried to create IC but IB says invalid combo . I created a vertical spread in calls and try to sell one contract at mid price. The fill was not there even I was prepared to receive less money. Eventually I just clicked the bid price and my order was filled.

    Is SPY jumbo liquid enough to use? Has anybody on ET experience of using this symbol for options? Comments much appreciated for this. Thanks
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    Why would you use the jumbo vs spx?
  3. Thanks I do quite a bit of options trading in SPX. I would like to try other products as well. I tried XEO, RUT and NDX as well. They are not very good. The problem arises when you want to adjust your trade. SPX is really very good but I thought I must try something else as well.
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    Spy jumbo offers you no benefit. Worse tax treatment and physical delivery
  5. Thanks , Do you suggest anything else ?
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    just trade the SPX.