SPY discrepancy Friday March 16

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    I've noticed a discrepancy between data vendors for Fridays SPY chart.

    Everyone shows SPX cash having a doji day, closing higher than Thursday's high.

    Some data vendors show SPY as having a doji day, but closing in the lower half of Thursday's range. I've added a chart which shows stockcharts vs thinkorswim. In SC they show Friday as a doji closing above Thursday's high, in TOS they show Friday as a doji closing well below Thurs close. So far everything else I've seen is the same as TOS, only stockcharts shows SPY matching SPX on Friday.
  2. Do not expect any hotshots here who trade with 20% win rate and make a killing due to their "unique money management" to be able to answer your good question because in reality only very few people here trade and have an idea what you are talking about.

    The discrepancy is due to the dividend payment on Friday. When past prices are adjusted for the dividend you get your chart. If not, you get a doji star inside Thursday.
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    Haha! You are always so delightfully hostile, Mr Chen. Have you ever considered that this might impede your trading success?
  4. Hostility against uninformed but otherwise obnoxious crowd is a key ingredient of success because it is where the profits come from.

    I suggest you do the same. Respect good people and be hostile with the idiots. Otherwise you will end up embracing them to their demise and yours. Trying to communicate politely with idiots can only alienate you and force you to assimilate their behavioral patterns.

    Seek salvation now...
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    I'll try.. :D

    Mind you, I am in no position to be critical of you. I largely use this site to alleviate my mind's constant struggle with inevitable madness. I am also a polemic at heart, which often leads me into conflict about trivial matters.

    I, however, try to do it with a touch of irony, whereas I sometimes fear for your blood pressure. I hope I am wrong...

    Good day, sir!
  6. Worry about yourself only. Nothing of all these causing any harm to me. It is amusing. Those that wish harm to others are the ones who get harmed because evil whishes return to those that make them and eat their insides.

    Anyway, why don't you go back to chit-chat where you belong. It is clear you had nothing to contribute to the OP. This isn't the place for the type of chit-chat you're looking for.


    Edit: You know what? I just realize I am dealing with many idiots here. I will miss some good guys though. I could not find an option to delete my profile but I figured out that I could change my email to something random and since my account will be suspended until I confirm it, this will be equivalent to closing the account.

    Total plonk.
  7. frauds and posers always point to perceived hostility as a means of deflecting notice of their fraudliness.