SPY daytrading contest

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  1. Just wanted to see if anyone else is interested in this. Rules are we setup brackets, pitting two traders against each other every day.

    Each is randomly assigned a position on the open, long or short. Each trader gets one trade to close out his/her position - winner is whoever makes the most or loses the least. Positions have to be offset by the close of the same trading day.

    For example, trader 1 is long and trader 2 is short - SPY trends upwards 1% through the day from open to close. T1 cut his loss at (-.05%) and T2 takes gains at .20%. Given the potential range of 1%, T1 traded it better and won. Meaning on an up day, the long trader has to capture more of the range than the inverse of the short's loss, and vice versa. In this case the long only captured 20% of total profits, while the short avoided 95% of losses, the short traded better.

    We can keep track of brackets and assign positions in excel - we can post it in google documents. If anyone is down, list your handle and I'll start a bracket, the first trading day will be Thursday, April 4th.

    If anyone wants to setup rewards, bets, or whatever just suggest it. Feel free to post questions or suggestions. Thought this could be fun.
  2. Yea, or not, lol, guess this was dumb.

    ...back to your regularly scheduled 'does TA work' debate.
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    I used to play multiplayer golf online years ago (AOL/Gamestorm days), they would have ladder tournaments which were fun, I could see the same thing here, just find a good supporting website to handle the brackets/results. easy to access/manage.
  4. Thanks man.

    Was just trying to find a way for people to have fun competitively, maybe bet some money and gamble. Don't think anyone was going to give an edge away and thought it was a fair venue for all to try their luck, but no such interest.

    Makes sense, all good.