SPY 3-14 - intraday and daily lows different? gap vs no gap?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by User123, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. User123


    I have noticed this on optionsxpress, google finance, and bigcharts charts.

    The intraday chart shows a low of around 156.22.
    The daily bar shows a low of around 155.91

    searching around more, every chart I've seen follows the same 2 different lows:
    stockcharts.com only shows the daily bar, and shows the low of 155.91
    yahoo finance only shows the intraday chart, and the low of 156.22

    It seems that the intraday chart would show the actual low of the day.
    So it would seem that the daily bar is being drawn incorrectly

    The intraday charts show that 3-14 gapped-up from 3-13's close.

    Shouldn't the daily bar charts also show this gap?