SPY 0.36 daily range today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. silk


    This must be some sort of record on a percentage basis if not on actual 36 cents.

    Today was really something seeing the S&P500 in less than a one point range for 4 hours. Now I have seen everything.

    Can anyone verify if this was a record. Thanks.
  2. ranges got so tight in stocks u cant trade gyrations no more, and thats cuz theres none. all that was tradable today was the upper and lower shadows on candles. amazin' stuff, one if not the most tighter day ever. obviously i got raped since i cant trade this kinda mkt with my style.
  3. S2007S


    I noticed this for the past few days, the market just trades flat for hours. To me its an unusual site as well...
  4. today was both an NR7 day, and an inside day

  5. what does that mean? more upside
  6. it means the narrowest range of the last 7 days, and todays range was inside yesterday's range
  7. silk


    was it an NR1000000 also? Narrowest range in 1 million days? I'm curious if this was tighest range ever percentage wise.
  8. The price behavior might have something to do with the Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe the people that place big orders are away on holiday. I expect the same price behavior near Christmas and New Year's day also.
  9. silk


    Nope. Last year tuesday before thanksgiving SPY had a 1.10 range.
  10. 10 days HV on SPX is 4.66 , I think its the lowest I ever saw. Some all cash buy out stocks still trading with similar HV numbers , lol
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