SPX vs Mini CoT divergence

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  1. Commitment of Traders data on the S&P 500 has commercials LONG.

    But the opposite is true on the S & P 500 MINI.

    Can I just confirm that this is probably due to commercial traders on the mini being smaller?

    Thus, I should go LONG because the smart money is trading the S & P 500, not the mini.
  2. Overnight


    The SP big contract is going away. Actually I thought that had happened already. Maybe it is happening tomorrow? There is definitely going to be some skew. And soon, *poof* it will be gone.
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  3. maxinger


    This is called the data analysis paralysis problem.

    Simply hide the COT data,
    and just focus on the S&P chart
    and that should fix the problem.
  4. SunTrader


    Meanwhile a majority of big money has been in the eMini all these years - even after factoring in 1/5th the size