SPX Today . . .

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Apex Capital, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. The recent pullback is over.
    A close above 1265.05 today will confirm this.

    Look for a rally of almost 36 handles from yesterday's low of 1250.91
    which successfully tested the 21-day MA. Short-term traders use the 21-day MA as a trailing stop should the market close above 1265.05 SPX today.

    Target: 1286.72

  2. More useful if you had a time period lol. 36 handles by next week, end of DEC, JAN, APR?

  3. I knew this could never be an outright prediction. So I was looking closely for the "if's" and "when's". I found them

    EVERYONE: totally diregard this bogus predction. When it fails, lithium will tell you that since the S&P did NOT close above 1265.05, this thread doesn't count. And yes, that means if the S&P closes today at 1265, and then doesn't go higher, lithium will tell you that the prediction doesn't count because blah.

    I got one, if the S&P closes above 1270, look for it to get to 1275 on monday!!
  4. Well, well . . .
    Look who just showed up???

    The moron that missed-out on the entire rally off of the October 13th low.
    Not one single bullish post by the Rubber-Birdbrain during the entire 8 week rally.
    Congratulations on showing everyone here at ET that you missed-out on a 104 handle rally in the SPX.
    You're the Best!