SPX to top at 1590?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bluematrix, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. clearly the market has much more to go then I can imagine.

    there is nothing stopping this market. all bad news has been ignored.

    surely it's going higher and will make a new high. esp with the trillions BoJ is printing as well now.

    so my question is where do you think it will top? 1590? 1620? 1650?
  2. this market is going up - can you not see? it's very comfortable going up.

    on what bases should it top 1560 when after hours it's comfortable going higher?

    the top doesn't look like to be here. it's mostly much closer to 1600.
  3. Do you really think anyone knows for sure where the top is or is going to be?

    You won't know for sure until you see it in hindsight.
  4. Really?
  5. so I think another 10-12 points tomorrow and a 15 pointer on Thursday and a explosion on friday to 1590.

    and then down from there.

    there are just too many shorts around. market doesn't go down when everyone's shorting when market dips few points.

    by going to 1590 the shorts will all blow up. and then market will go down gradually.

    so it makes sense to go long with a target of 1590-1620.

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    OMG, another one?