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  1. better yet google her name...followed by the word "nude" LOL
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  2. Just thought I would bring back this post from 2010 as I sometimes get similar questions...
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  3. just saw your post..
    speaking for myself... i met some really great people i talk to 8 years later. not to mention some inner circle strategy that runs my trading life now...

    good luck!
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  4. Hey there J, it's been a while. Make sure you keep us posted on your new project.

    Back then, I never would have known that that inner circle journal had so much promise. I wonder if segv kept the fattail server logs, that stuff worked for the better part of a decade and was moderately scalable. I think he did and thats why it died. Maybe we should get a cut from the sale of his company. LOL

    And I am still waiting on that steak dinner from you. :(
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  5. just one more short vol mess to get out of ....
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