Spx 1650 - No Pullbacks

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SPX 1650, Dow 15k - No Pullbacks

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  1. lets not get technical or do any analysis - for that is a true folly. the markets are not rational, reasonable, or logically - it moves till it hits the puke point.
    john doe - isn't in this market yet, he's thinking i'll stick with my 5.05% CD (1% net inflation and taxes). he's thinking he won't get suckered in like in 99. he'll buy all in at 1650.
    what bull market in history has ended with a pe of merely 16? bull markets end when everyone is drunk with greed - and everyone is talking about the market just like it is in china right now.

    this market will not go down until the fed lowers rates, because if Ben isn't concerned about the economy then why should the market have any concerns?
  2. i want to issue a public apology to makloda, myminitrading, and eqtradr - you guys rock and have been right all along.
  3. I will say that we still need to see a monthly close above 1520 or a weekly close above that level - which shouldn't be that hard. and if it happens in may of all months then that'll kill the the last remaining bears worse then anything else.
    There will be no pullbacks going up to 1650 - just 4 days of lateral movement that breaks a minor trendline, then the bears get all excited and short then on the 5th day a huge leg up where everyone covers.

  4. dont apologize to me bro....

    best thing you can do is just make tons of free $$$$

    I want pictures of your next Ferrari you bought with the free money from Bernanke!

    You rock
  5. SP 500= 2000 BY CHRISTMAS
  6. I say we hit 1520 and 1540 before the market hits 1560 on SPX..

  7. Look at the vix down 2%, yesterday it was up 7% on a tiny selloff in Naz. The fix is in boys buy buy buy you cant loose guaranteed free $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  8. :) :D
  9. stktrdr


    oh my....

    you guys are going to lose so much money when this market turns....

    It will be sooner than you think....
  10. here we go........buy the dips = risk free money$$$$$$$
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