Spurrier ( Redskins coach )

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  1. Any Spurrier Fans out there ? I always knew he was a great coach, but now that he is making it in the NFL with a really average team, I am starting to think he is some kind of genius.
  2. One game and you think he is a genius? Let's see how they do against Philly Monday night, especially with Davis's groin pull.
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    I think he will do great...lets just hope he's ego doesnt clash with those of the players....This isnt College ball where you can bench your starting Quaterback because he pissed you off....
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    it'll be interesting monday night against eagles who lost first game. Luckily at home but i think he knows he and the players have something to prove and will be raring to go.

    But being a die hard skins fan (i remember barely darrel green's rookie season..hey it was 20 years ago..i was in elementary school) but have not been this excited about the skins in a long long time... approach it this way..he's a rookie coach so this year is about fun and enjoying it..next year they will be contenders.
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    I'm a fan of another SEC school, and I couldn't be happier that he is in the pros, lol. (I know everyone else but Gator fans feel this way too...)

    But I am becoming a fan of his watching him now. I love his "Awww, shucks" type of replies when other coaches accuse him of running up the score. He might finally bring some fun back into the NFL.

    If nothing else, Shane Matthews and Danny Wuerfel (sp?) are thanking God every day that he is there. :D
  6. If Shane Mathews can throw for 300yds. then Spurrier is one hell of a pro coach already.