Sprint PCS with IB

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  1. I frequently have trouble when connecting via my Sprint PCS phone and laptop. TWS will open initially, then disconnect and refuse to connect again...

    I wonder if my TWS settings could be tweaked to become more compatiable while using my Sprint PCS phone (as a modem) on my laptop...any ideas anyone?
  2. According to IB tech it's not a fast enough connection to maintain the tws. I have the same problem with verizon wireless cdma.It only runs at 18 kps if your lucky. I use the mobile trader interface and winwap on my laptop. Winwap allows a windows machine to use wireless access proticol. I'm probably going to try verizon's express wireless internet service which is much faster( between two and seven times faster) and hopefully that will support the tws. If I do I'll report back. Good luck.
  3. deadreader,

    What is your connection speed? Where in the U.S are you connecting from?
  4. The speed is not really an issue, I mean, I can log in initially, but after about 5 mintues TWS disconnects. If I reboot my computer I can log in again for another 5 mintues....as you can see, it's not really possible to trade like this....

    Do you really think this is an issue of speed, or is there some way to change the setting on TWS to solve this issue?
  5. I agree, trading off a cell-phone connection isn't exactly ideal. Could you possibly get a faster connection? Wouldn't wanna lose signal on that Spring PCS in the middle of a trade.


    P.S. I have Sprint PCS, and the service sucks! I have a hard time using the cell phone to make phone calls, let alone TRADE on it :eek:
  6. In case I wasn't clear enough...YES, I think it's definitely a Sprint PCS issue.


    P.S. Sprint sucks
  7. I believe it's not specifically the speed of the connection but the lag from IB's servers. Once your session has timed out it's a problem to log in again. I assume there are other things involved as well in the way the TWS java client logs to the servers.
  8. I don't use Sprint myself but I know their service varies from place to place. I heared they are improving in many areas.
  9. which Sprint PCS phone were you using??? The PDA phones may perform better for you.
  10. has sprint pcs made progress so that their phones can be used as modems for a laptop and then used with IB TWS ???
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