Sprint Bullish??

Discussion in 'Options' started by Bearingthebull, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. I am curious on what you think about Sprints $4 and $5 calls for Jan

    Is there anyone who is moderately bullish on Sprint as I am???
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    sprint is going down. i don't think sprint will last in 2yrs. i have a feeling ATT or verizon will buyout sprint soon.

    Sprint technology lagged.
  3. JCig


    why not sell the FEB 11 4/3.5 P spread, it's "almost" a risk 3 to make 2 trade, or just sell the FEB 11 4 P outright.
  4. Any trigger event make you select Jan calls ? What are you expecting from now until Jan 21 ?
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    I'm bullish on S

    1. Improved customer relations which has shown up in lower churn
    2. Increase in technology (wimax) which is being rolled out faster than people thought.
    3. Its been beaten down for so long.
    4. Increase cash flow
  7. JCig


    i tend to disagree. besides sprint, you also have under the same company - nextel, boost mobile & virgin mobile. boost & virgin are catering more to the younger crowd who can't [or don't want to] get into long term contracts at insane rates.