Springfield Mo.

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  1. Looking for either some experienced traders that wouldn't mind meeting up and sharing some knowledge, or some newer traders like myself (I'm within year one). I don't know of any in this town but I'm sure you're out there.
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    I know a guy in Springfield... not sure if he trades a lot though... Charles... Charlie or also known as Monty in the pits.

    There's also another guy that used to trade a bit... but I think he stopped. We called him HS back in the day...
  4. Thanks for the replies! I don’t made the isolated nature of this business, but I think it’s good to meet with like-minded people to develop!
  5. I don't know any traders there, but I love dinner at Kai and then cocktails at the Mud Lounge!
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  7. Hell yea. We do have some great local spots here in Springfield!
  8. Are you suggesting there are a lot of traders working at Prime trucking?
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