Spring in Gaza

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    The desert wildflowers. The scent of jasmine and frankensence. Small children playing in the streets. The roar of a Russian built anti-tank rocket fired directly at an Israeli school bus full of children...

    All indications are that Iran's plan for the destruction of Israel via coordinated attacks by Hamas militias, Hezbollah militias and Syrian regulars is ramping up. This time they have been supplied with advanced surface-to-surface multistage rockets with large warheads. These rockets can reach far into Israel and it is thought that the badguys have hundreds of them and thousands of smaller craft-built rockets they manufacture locally. The Iranians learned how to make shaped charges in the Iraq insurgency and those will be employed against Israeli ground forces.

    This time Lebanon is going down. It will be occupied and large parts of southern Lebanon will be destroyed. Beirut will be destabilized, again, and lapse into civil war, again. This time it isn't clear that Egypt will stay on the sidelines and there is some potential they would become a participant with the usual self-destructive outcome. Syria and Iran may find the fight brought to their doorsteps.

    You see, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah aren't the only ones that have been preparing.
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    When Obama and the U.N. create the Palestinian state this fall and try to take land from Israel all hell is going to break loose.
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    Why would a liberal organization like the U.N. take land from a small country? I thought they enjoyed taking from the "rich" and giving to the "poor". With that uh "logic" in mind it seems more prudent to take land from the much larger surrounding countries to form a <s>terrorist</s> uh Palestinian state rather than take land from a small country like Israel.
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    It's just the Islamofascist way.
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    I didn't realize a UN declaration of Palestinian statehood had a land seizure in it.

    Yeah, the fecal matter would make contact with the rotating ventilation device.
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    They are saying the U.N. wants to give them ALL of the west bank and all of old Jeruselum in September. There was some news yesterday saying Obama was on board with carte blanch statehood.
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    Will American Jews turn against Obama at that point? Or will they continue to meekly march towards the ovens?
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    I think they (Arabs, Palestinians and Obama) are trying to box Israel into a corner. Of course the Arabs would just love for Israel to defend itself and have the U.S. on the other side. This could be Obama's Watergate (or Waterloo).
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    PC/Cultural Marxism/ Egalitarian extremism is the new religion, universities are the new churches, the UN is the new Vatican, shrinks and teachers are the new inquisitors, "racist" or similar, the new heresy.
  10. What is the long term solution to the problem?

    The back and forth is just annoying. I for one am tired of hearing about it.

    Someone needs to propose a solution, a target, or a border line, a big enough fence, whatever it is, and just make it happen.

    We need to know exactly how much space Israel wants/needs, What the Palestinians need, and just get it done.

    If Palestinians are such a problem, Why the heck does Israel let them in at all. If Jews want some of the Palestinian land, Compensate them and toss them out. On the other hand, Palestinians need a spot where they can be 100% secure in their land and property. Where is it going to be?

    I used to side 100% with Israel, however I read some other material and found it to be fairly convincing. I am not sure either side is 100% just, but that is the real word. It was hardly just when we pushed Indians into reservations, yet that is the real world which is at times ugly. Indians did some pretty savage stuff too.

    What is needed is a long term situation that approximates equilibrium so the rest of the world can stop worrying that this struggle is going to somehow trigger WWIII and cost untold american lives and treasure.

    Anyone have ideas?
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