Spring break in Africa???

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  1. http://www.wjhg.com/home/headlines/Video_shows_spring_break_brawl_at_PCB_Burger_King_118505599.html

    Drudge posted this. Go to the youtube and u find there are quite a few vids of Africans videotaping themselves tearing up fast food joints and beating the tar out of eachother. In one case even swinging a golf club around in the middle of a Denny's.

    Reminds me quite a bit of the vid taken outside a Chicago public school, showing "youths" beating each other with 2X4's, and ultimately kicking a fellow student to death.

    The fascinating thing is how half the people look like the "chicken running with its head cut off" Yet some underlying enjoyment of the destruction is certainly there, driving the behavior.

    Apparently "youths" are using facebo-k and other technologies to organize flash/smash and grab/mayhem/beat whitey mobs.

    They all look (the pattern of behavior) exactly the same, that is what is so striking. It is African style mayhem in America, what else can be said.
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    Reminds me of the skinheads.
  3. Hey, that's weird, you know what I just noticed? It's being done by people of African decent too!! What a crazy coincidence...
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  5. Skinheads?

    What little I know about them is:

    They are working class whites who want to keep "outsiders" out of their towns and communities, Often for economic reasons such as lower wages, or threats from crime. In other words it is typical tribalism/economic interests.

    Here in Chicago black owned businesses (harolds) have bulletproof glass around the cashiers. In other words, the threat is their own people.

    I am sure there could be a comparison, but I don't see it as accurate here.
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    Yep, it's little.
  7. Skinheads do not attack white people, these type of crazies have a lot of fun attacking other black people. The sad truth is that black people victimize other blacks much more so than Skinhead Neo Nazi types do.
  8. Black people also victimize white people more often than white people do.