SpreadTrading: Intra-Commodity, Inter-Commodity

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  1. Is spread trading really "Safe"...what are the best spreads to trade"

    all below 1 contract vs 1 contract...
    ES vs NQ(yes, I know not an equal..but the ES is entered in the strong trend direction)
    ES vs YM
    YM vs NQ(same thought as ES vsNQ)
    CL vs CL
    Eurodollar vs Eurodollar
    Corn vs Corn

    *Do you always enter both sides "At once"?
    *Is the first leg always the "Buy" side?
    *Can you or does anyone "daytrade" spreads?

    Here is probably the best futures spread FREE chart...click here:

  2. If you spent half the time learning to trade that you do posting "what is the best ...." threads on this web site, you'd not have to ask these questions. Of course, you've been handed this advice before (numerous times in fact), yet somehow feel you know best.

    Shocking revelation that you still have yet to undrstand what is needed.

    - Spydertrader