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    The company "spreadtradesystems" promise to educate and have a winning program for complex option spread trading. I know there are those of you that believe any mentoring course is a waste of money. however I'd like to know my options. (no pun intended) I have been thinking of the Dan Sheridan course as a reasonable choice, but wopuld like to get feedback on other courses available. Is anyone familiar with this particular one?

    Thanks for the help

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    Do a search and all will be revealed. This has been discussed ad-nauseum.
  3. There are some people who are extremely happy with STS. It may seem expensive to start, but AFAIK you only pay the one time fee. Many others try yo get you to take more courses which can quickly add up to more than the STS price, plus they sell you software and services.

    I think STS doesn't want you to start trading with real money until you complete their course. Plus they are inflexible in that everyone must start at the same place.
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    can any STS grad contact me? i have some questions but if i post here we get the flaming ...... private message. thanks.
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    STS isn't operating any more. Their website is still there, but everything has been moved to: