Spreadsheets of prices instead of charts?

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    Hi there,
    I currently use Worden real time charting for trading. I'm always looking for different perspectives to view price action in the market. Stockcharts.com has a way to look at daily prices on a spreadsheet for open, high, low, and close. I was curious if anyone knew of a way to get real time spreadsheet prices for intraday time frames?

    I believe our right and left brains analyze things very differently and it seems to me that looking at charts to make decisions does so in a vey right brain picture oriented sort of way. I'd be curious to trade using only open, high, low, and close prices for 5 min, 10 min, etc time frames using tables of prices instead of charts. I believe using numbers instead of charts would focus on the left brain which is more logical and rational and maybe would force to make better decisions.

    I am currently quite successful trading but I am always looking for a new way to look at things or an edge.
  2. i lol at your story.

    charts are made up of OHLC, its just that we use charts to draw them out. So I rephrase, you just want data right ? There are tons of sources in this forum.

    I lol b/c you said you are successful, without knowing how charts are formed?
  3. From my experience, spreadsheets are OK for formula work, but will get overloaded with realtime data constantly being loaded to them.
    I once did an exercise where I used to download a days worth of data for one stock and then ran a formula through it to come up with some calcs. After a couple of hundred rows of data, it would take forever to calculate.
    So I've come to the conclusion using it for realtime data would have limitations regarding speed.
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    By the way to savage, I obviously know how charts are constructed. You misunderstood my question. I want a spreadsheet of ohlc not a visual representation of it. I'm not sure why you would respond to a question that you are supposedly laughing at. Why are you on this forum?

    I know where I can get daily spreadsheets but I was curious if there was somewhere to get intraday ohlc data in spreadsheet form. It doesn't necessarily have to be real-time, although that would be great.
  5. so u just want data right ?

    Why complicate it with daily spreadsheets ohlc intra day or ohlc in spreadsheet form ?? Get the ohlc, copy it to spreadsheet, and it becomes spreadsheet ohlc data lol. Like I said, there are tons of it, its only if u wanna buy or not. Search it here. :)
  6. I came here to look for noobs tat post their so called profitable strategy when its not. When some idiot comes here and posts a new and working strategy, it will be automated on my algo system the very next day... with some coding of course.
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    Wow, you're such a tough guy!

    Be prepared to wait a long while...
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    I know where you're coming from. Data presented in a chart and data presented in a spreadsheet format are often interpreted differently by our brain.

    I sometimes find that charts lead me to see visual patterns that invite me to take a trade that may not at all fit the confines of my system, which is statistically based. The longer I trade, the more I find myself moving away from charts to active spreadsheet type formats.

    I use InvestorRT at www.Linnsoft.com. In addition to charting, you can create quote pages that look much like spreadsheets, and that track data for hundreds of symbols in real time, then sort and alert according to your indicators and specs. Each cell in the spreadsheet can be customized to track price action in various timeframes, compare indicators, etc. etc. Imagine dropping Excel into a trading/charting platform, and you've got the general idea.

    InvestorRT is the software platform. You'll need a data source to feed it. All that information with videos, FAQs, etc., is on their website.
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    Looking for something similar over here.... I'd like to have HLCV for daily prices on individual stocks in spreadsheet format, probably about 2 - 2 1/2 years of data on a single screen view.

    I have a charting program that allows me to export the data to a spreadsheet, but I don't really like taking the time to do that, I would much rather just put in my symbol and get the spreadheet automatically on my screen. Seems like Yahoo finance used to have that, but I just looked and couldn't find it.
  10. Interesting perspective, schulzey. I did this many years back with daily prices, when the WSJ still printed the market data tables toward the end of every edition. I'd tear them out and compare the prices from the previous days, to find big movers. It was slow at first, but over time I was quite trained to read the tables very fast. I scanned through the unusual volumes in combination with large price movements. With this method I could find entries near the lows of multibaggers, then ride their trend and keep adding up to winning positions. The losers I'd dump very fast. Made some good money with it. Works best if you have had a stable uptrend in the past 6 months.
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