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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Swish, Jan 16, 2002.

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    I'm looking for a free or relatively inexpensive place to get streaming quotes to download into fixed points in one of my tracking spreadsheets (I'm using Office XP). Delayed quotes would be OK. Anybody have any suggestions??


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    I'm looking for a free or relatively inexpensive place to get streaming quotes to download into fixed points in one of my tracking spreadsheets...Delayed quotes would be OK.

    Well, is it gonna be streaming or delayed? :) Lots of people get delayed quotes from Yahoo and import them into their Excel spreadsheets. It does require a little bit of VBA code, but if you are at all handy with programming it's pretty minor. As to streaming realtime quotes I can't help you with that, not familiar with sources.
  3. have a realtime feed for best ECN bids and offers which as we all know, can often represent the inside market in more liquid stocks.
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    There is a free charting program called QuoteTracker (www.quotetracker.com) that has multiple data feeds (some free) to choose from.

    There is an add-on product from www.engo.com/tradingtools/ that will allow you to pull quotes from QuoteTracker into Excel (I don't know if it works with Office XP or not since I've never used it). I think it costs $20. This might be what you are looking for.

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    Wow, I never knew that was there. I have Office 2000, so the PC Quote option is not there, now it gets quotes from MSN MoneyCentral (why doesn't that surprise me? :) )

  6. Interactive Customers just received this notification:

    Use Excel to View Market Data and Submit Flexible Order Types

    We have recently introduced new DDE connectivity to the Trader Workstation allowing the viewing of market data and submission of orders from an Excel spreadsheet. In addition, we have provided a template within Excel for conditional orders allowing the creation of almost any flexible order type, from "trailing stops" to "if filled orders". For more information please see our TWS Users Guide or download our sample spreadsheet and dll from the TWS Software page.
  7. I used the DDE link once about 2 months ago with ensign windows (out to excel pro 2000) to see if it really worked, which it did, but it seemed to be a little slow, i.e. the quotes would appear in ensign/esignal, but it would take 1/2 second or so for them to appear on the spreadsheet in excel. Was my experience indicative of the DDE link?

    Can someone who uses the DDE link with IB to submit orders please let me know if it is fast? I trade only volatile, pseudoliquid nasdaq stocks, so any slowdown between excel and TWS, whether it is due to the DDE link or simply computer-related (due to the extra processing involved in running excel) is unacceptable. My computer speed is no issue; it is fast.

    Thank you.

    PS - If DDE/excel are fast enough, does anyone know of a good source to quickly learn the VB code you need to create orders?
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    Guys, would anyone mind explaining to me what is this DDE and how do I create orders (why would we want to do that since we have orders in IB TWS?) or refer me to a place I could find aout about it.

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