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    I'm trying to use a spreadsheet for the first time, to track my trades. Using the Works spreadsheet that comes with XP and The Complete Idiots's Guide to Works Suite, I'm finding it somewhat difficult. Is it me, or the program? I'm wondering if StarOffice is easier to use, or offers more options. Also, any excellent books that could get me started?
  2. Microsoft Works is a toy. You should see if you can get your hands on a copy of Microsoft Excel. You'll find it much easier to figure out. But keep in mind that like most new skills, creating good spreadsheets is an easy-to-learn-but-tough-to-master thing.
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    A place to start.
    In cell A1 type "2" (no quotation marks)
    In cell A2 type "3"
    In cell B5 type "=A1*A2"
    Press enter. You'll get a 6 in cell B5.
    From then on cell B5 will give you the product of whatever is in cells A1 and A2.

    In cell D1 type "3"
    In cell D2 type "4"
    In cell D3 type "5"
    In cell D4 type "6"
    In cell G7 type "sum(D1: D4)"
    Press enter. You'll get an 18 in cell G7. The total of cells D1 through D4.

    Now, in cell E1 type "=G7/B5"
    Press enter and you'll get a 3.
    Now try changing the number in cell D2 and the value in cell E1 will change accordingly.

    "SUM" is a spreadsheet function. There should be a list of functions somewhere on the page, maybe under "help". There are dozens of them. +,-,<,>,SUM,SQRT,if, and, not,... A spreadsheet is a very useful tool. One of the best ways to learn how to use it is to play with it and try different things. After a while try to use it to solve a specific task you have.
    (note, two = signs in the formula bar at the top is normal)
  4. A small correction -- you will need an = before SUM in order for it to recognize it as a formula instead of a label. so, =SUM(D1: D4)
  5. Knight,

    Ask someone to upload a template from their spreadsheet. It'll be much easier to start from an already made template that was made by someone for their trading.

    You can customize it later for your own personal needs.

    Also...if you use EliteTraders SEARCH button in the Upper right corner...I think you can find some old posts where traders have uploaded spreadsheet templates of what they use (I'm not to sure about this...worth a search).

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    trader42... thanks. You just saved me 70 bucks. I was about to buy StarOffice today. I just ordered a book on StarOffice from amazon, so I should be alright.
  7. :) you are welcome
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    I'd like to take advantage of that idea. If someone wouldn't mind sending me a PM with an Excel template, I'd appreciate it.
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    me too, please. thank you.
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