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    Hi guys... new in this thread and as far as I saw it, u know business.

    got few questions :

    1. After the Jan USDA report and the limit down in corn, I saw the spreads going down sharply : WH12-WN12 to -.44ish along with WN12-WZ12.
    After the Price a few days later inclined these spreads and especially the 1st exploded to -.25 and -.31 respectively. Not to mention that these spreads are 35% of the full cost of carry. (based on 0.00565$ /Bu/day)

    What's going on here??

    2. What about the rollover for March?? what are the dates it should take place and if you know at what time (the end/middle/start of the pit session)? Local mentioned Jim Rogers' holdings. Is it still large numbers of contracts?

    3. While the Spreads of Corn & Wheat went to the roofs the old crop beans spreads going down SH12-SN12 to -.19. Is it an opp. after the La nina's effect on BRAZIL & ARGNTINA?

    THANKS guys
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    No seasoned spreaders to answer?Those are good questions.