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    What do people use to chart spreads on a real time and end of day basis? Does the software you use allow ratio spreads? thanks
  2. eSignal will do spreads, ratio or differential, intraday or eod. It's supposed to be able to plot spreads as candles as well shortly, something I've seen few doing.
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    Neoticker by TickQuest is very flexible and it has a feature where you can combine two data streams into an indicator. (and in general create indicators off other indicators. I have not yet figured out if it would do ratios.
    All this is without using formula languages or programming.
  4. Gecko Software's Track 'n Trade has a spread trading module. It's EOD only. Does ratio spreads as well.

    Neoticker is good also.
  5. Investor/RT has the ability to setup the pair/spread as a custom symbol for addition into a quote window. It also does a nice job charting them.

    eSignal, unless added recently, wouldn't accept a spread into a quote window. This can be a pain if you follow a lot of spreads.