Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by maninjapan, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Ive just recently began to look into spread trading and have found it to be quite interesting. What spreads and the contract ratios, particularly intermarket spreads, are people trading, or know of?
    Im currently practicing on NQ(2) ES(1)

    Also, is there a formula for working out what the ratio should be? based on minimum tick value?

    I look forward to reading peoples input on this.
  2. There are alot of different markets popular for spread trading. calander spreads in GE, energies, grains...NOB spread (notes over bonds), product spreads (ICE WTI vs. NYMEX Crude)....any correlated markets can be spread
  3. thanks for the post, nice to know its been read at least once now. I understand that any correlated market can be spread traded. I was hoping for some actual examples with the contract ratios included though. Especially for intermarket spreads.

    Dax / Eurostoxx one contract each, is another Ive been looking at.
  4. you can figure your ratios a few ways, but consider the contract value, tick value and volatility for each.