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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by r-in, Jun 1, 2004.

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    Looking in help I didn't see it and went through the book and didn't find the answer, so can someone tell me if its possible to set up spread charts on the esignal platform and how if it is?
    For example a chart with the 30yr bond and the 10 yr bond as a spread, or any of the meat or grain spreads for that matter.
  2. lescor


    Yes, just put a space in front of the math operator.

    zbm4 -znm4 or msft /intc. You can also do msft -2intc

    If you want to chart a spread that includes a whole number, such as the cash component of a merger spread, they still do not provide this capability. Ie ABC is buying XYZ for .5 shares + $5.00/share in cash, you can't chart this in esignal.
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  4. you can plot using a multiplier in front of the number . Example: If you want to add approximately 5 points to the ES....just type 1.005es #f for the symbol. Or to subtract around 5 points the symbol would be .995es #f

    not the same as using a whole number but it works for me when plotting spreads with multiple symbols. You will want to set the scaling in the "study properties" box to keep the multiple lines from going nuts.