Spreads in the Energy Complex

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    Jan. 2013 RB vs. May 2013 RB
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    easy trade if you got it. any thoughts on H-J?
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    I sure as shit wouldn't buy it. I have some clients who are short the thing. I am short RBOB spreads a little further out on the curve.

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    NG Jan '13 v Mar. '13 Spread
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    Jan. 2013 - CL vs. CB
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    Feb. 2013 Crack Spread
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    FEB. 2013 CL vs. RB Spread
  8. stoic


    NG Feb. vs. Jun. 2013 spread
  9. Selling front, long backs in NG has been a good trade for awhile.
  10. RedSun


    Energy spread trading has a relatively high return/risk ratio if you really understand how the spreads behave. A lot of that is fundamental driven.

    But since the spreads are relatively stable, you'll have to use higher volume. So your risk may not be low.

    Also, you can't trade often since the bid-ask spreads and broker's fees will eat into your profit very quickly.

    Cross-commodity spreads carry their own risks. They can be very volatile. I once put on a HO/RB spread with a view on higher industrial activities vs. consumer driving. I had a $80k MtM on the first day. Then shrunk to $20 the next day. I got out with $50k gain. But my fellow trader had a $35K the first day, then $10k loss the 2nd day. He was lucky to get out break-even.....

    But definitely safer than naked with NG or CL contracts.
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