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    Hi all,

    I've just opened an account with IB as an international customer.

    Coming from the UK, I am used to paying £5 per trade so IB's $0.005 per share seems almost too good to be true.

    My question is do you find the spreads competitive compared to other brokers that offer international accounts, such as TD Ameritrade?

    Also, is the execution/fill good.

    Any feedback is much appreciated.
  2. On ES options orders, whether during Asian, European, or US regular session hours, where I provide 1 tick improvement over the midpoint, I usually get filled almost instantly. This applies for both outright and option spreads. On energy or bonds, it usually takes longer, many times requiring a move in the underlying to get filled. Currencies and grains options orders also seem to be similar to ES as far as easy fills.


    Could you perhaps first read the forum by searching for your questions? Your IB related questions have been asked a gazillion of times. Read, and then ask whichever questions did not get answered. It is sort of demotivating to come across the same posts over and over. You are also not specifying which spreads you are talking about. Fx spreads? Futures spreads? Options spreads?

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    I did search but found a thread from 2011.

    If these types of questions are repetitive maybe Elite trader could have a sticky for each of the popular brokers which include important posts.

    I think that would really help newcomers.
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    I'm asking about stocks traded with a cash account (no margin).
  6. Metamega


    The spreads will be the same as any broker.

    Fills will depend on order route.