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    I have a handful of clients who are about 4 months into the program, and I could accomodate a couple more students in the rotation. Three ET members joined up the first week in November, and all are reporting positive results. Check out the spreadprofessor.com website, and email me with your specific questions. As always, serious prospects are provided extensive due diligence materials including independent contact with current clients and personal/professional background on myself.

    A couple of my clients report returns well into six figures using my methodologies. Everyone actively trading the system reports positive results.
  2. Marvelous. Why don't you post your audited results or verifiable broker statements...?

    Seriously, reporting that everyone actively trading reports positive results is suspicious. And since you are hinting rather than giving proof, that is very questionable...
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    Fifteen prospects have checked out my credentials, personal and professional background, and most importantly have independently communicated with existing clients about the value and effectiveness of my methodologies and systems.

    Of those fifteen prospects, thirteen became paid clients, and twelve are actively trading the system. Of the twelve clients now trading the system, all report that they are net positive to me. Of those twelve, two I know for certain are positive well into six figures trading my system in the past four months. I suspect several others are well into five figures, but they are not forthcoming about specifics and I respect that.

    I'm not going to post statements or specific performance data in the public space. Virtually all of my clients are active ET members who read the forums but are not active posters. Fifteen ET members performed extensive due diligence on me, and thirteen of those members subsequently put me under a six month contract.

    TraderZones, I would like for you not to make value statements about my trading accumen or my business integrity. You stated in another thread that you wanted to develop a trading education business, and you were asking for contributors to that effort. I wish you the very best in your endeavor.
  4. Bone,

    With all due respect, if your system is so powerfully successful, why do you devote so much time and effort to "Teaching" instead of exclusively "Trading"?? Perhaps you're "giving back"; however, the price of your service seems a bit expensive.


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    I trade my system full time. On average my daily statements are about forty pages long. I trade ICE, Nymex, CME, CBOT, Liffe, Eurex, and a few other venues on a daily basis. I have a trader working for me at my firm who trades my system. My firm wants me to hire more full-time traders working directly for me trading in my office and trading my system.

    I am building a core business that includes developing additional opportunities for my clients. My clients seem to be very excited about where we are going.

    Sure, my training might be viewed as expensive by some, and a real bargain by others. Please be assured that I am not interested in starting a on-line training academy, and I am deeply concerned about my integrity and reputation.
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    What's the average bankroll these people start out with?
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    How much does your training cost?
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    I would recommend going straight away to the website at http://www.spreadprofessor.com

    Course is $6500. Bankroll and experience level varies between clients.
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    Thanks for the reponse, ET members. There are some serious prospects who are now speaking independently with current clients regarding my technical competency, integrity, and the value of my technical consulting services.

    As a side note, there shouldn't be any conflicts of interest with any proprietary trader's current employment agreements, as my only fee is for trading system consultation - including statisitcal time series analysis and highly correlated arbitrage relative value methodologies.

  10. Bone the links on the left side of your website don't work and the site is a bit of an eyesore, it has that "make money while working from home" or "make millions in real estate" feel to it. You may have a good product, a very good one per the testimonials and the results you claim, but the presentation needs some serious work.

    May I suggest you make some type of video with some introductory information and a bit of insight on your system, even better why not record one of your trading sessions and share them here or on youtube. I read the info on your site but am still confused. You should know that anyone can simply post a photo of a chart with a couple of arrows pointing to a possible entry an exit point.

    Also, why not post your real name on your website rather than "spread professor"? It's your product, you should be proud enough to put your name behind it. There is no contact phone or address on the site.

    Again, you probably have a great product there for sale, Im not criticizingly what you are selling, but a few tweaks to bring credibility of your product/company can't hurt.
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